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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania depends on what attractions you wish to see. The Great Migration is arguably the most popular reason for visiting Tanzania, but the southern parks are special too. Here is a quick guide to both regions.




The Great Migration is one of the main reasons people visit Tanzania. The massive Wildebeest, Zebra and predator movements bring Africa alive in a primal way. The migration is the result of Wildebeest and Zebra following the rains in search of grazing pastures. They are in turn followed by predators like Lion and Hyena. The migration itself is difficult to pinpoint, as weather patterns are not an exact science.

The best time time to visit however is from February to March. This is the time when Wildebeest and Zebra give birth to their young in the northern parts of the Serengeti. The herds are not able to move until the young are big enough to make the journey, providing a window of opportune viewing. This is also when the largest number of predators can be seen, with nature unfolding accordingly.

The one downside to visiting this time of year is the greater number of visitors to the parks. An alternative is to experience a luxury tented safari which goes where the migration goes. This is not a "roughing it" type of experience, accommodation is very comfortable and all the usual amenities are available. This is in our opinion one of the best ways to experience the great migration.

Summary: February to March is the best time to visit.






The southern parks of Tanzania are not as popular to tourists which makes for a more authentic wildlife experience. The Mikumi National Park is the setting for keen enthusiasts and whilst it is more expensive than the northern parks, the experience is worth the price.

The best time to visit the southern parks is from June to November. This is the dry season and animals frequently gather around the permanent water holes. The bush is additionally not as dense as in the rainy months, making for better game viewing and easier movement.

Access to the Mikumi National Park is typically via light aircraft.

Summary: June to November is the best time to visit.





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