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#1 African Safari Destination During Covid Restrictions in 2022

Get Expert Help Planning Your African Safari

In a new upside down world of Covid restrictions that change faster than your heartbeat watching a lion chase, it's tougher than ever to book your vacation abroad, especially in Africa!

What you don't want to do is jump multiple countries for the time being, at least not more than two in our opinion.

Your best bet is to pick a travel destination with a wide variety of attractions and activities, and world-class medical support should you need it.

For this reason an Africa Safari to South Africa is our number one recommendation during the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions.

Why South Africa?

Consider these 5 reasons:

1 - Kruger Park Safaris

Nowhere in Africa will you discover a greater number of wildlife species in one location than the Kruger & Greater Kruger Park.

The Big Five Animals are guaranteed to say the least, and the combination of wildlife, accommodation, cuisine and service is unbeatable.

For more information visit the Kruger Park Guide page.

2 - Cape Town

Voted one of the Top 10 Cities in the world to visit, Cape Town is a culture-rich true reflection of the Rainbow Nation at it's glorious best.

Located at the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town boasts breathtaking beaches, jaw-dropping mountain scenery and cuisine rated amongst the restaurants in the world.

3 - Franschhoek

Located a short drive out of Cape Town is the food and wine capital of Africa.

Settled at the foot of the Cape Fold Mountains, you'd be forgiven for thinking you eloped to France. If it's scenery, cuisine and romance you're looking for, say for an African Honeymoon, this is a must-visit destination for 2-3 nights.

For prices visit the African Honeymoon Costs page, which includes a handy Honeymoon infographic.

4 - World-Class Medical Facilities

South Africa is the most advanced of all the African countries in terms of health & medical infrastructure.

Boasting a proud tradition of innovation like the first heart transplant in the world, South Africa is a destination you can visit confidently, knowing that should a medical need arise from Covid or other, you are in good hands

5 - Value for Money

The US Dollar is very strong against the weakening Rand allowing you to enjoy exceptional value on accommodation, dining, tours and activities.

With the Red list ban now removed - questionable in the first place - tourists can start to book and find special offers for 2022 at the best luxury safari camps and lodges in South Africa.

For more information on costs, visit the African Safari Prices for 2022 page.

If you're interested in a stay of 10 days or more in South Africa, you may want to consider the Garden Route area of South Africa as well.

This is a beautiful stretch of coastline littered with small towns, historic stops and breathtaking scenery.

For more information on planning an African Safari Holiday during the Covid restrictions, contact us today and one of our experienced destination specialists will help answer your questions, and custom design your luxury African Safari.


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