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SAFARI 2023 / 2024


The most popular African honeymoon packages typically comprise Cape Town, The Kruger Park and an exotic beach location like Benguerra Island or The Seychelles.

Contact us today for a free quote and get the latest unadvertised specials and the insiders guide to the best honeymoon destinations in Africa. Alternatively, you can see a guide to Africa Honeymoon Costs here.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

Cape Town Honeymoon

South Africa

Visit the jewel of Africa and World Top 10 Rated "Mother City" of South Africa, located at the southern tip of Africa. 

This multi-cultural city flanked by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans is the #1 Tourist destination in Africa. Boasting award-winning wine estates, world Top 20 rated restaurants and breathtaking coastlines. The perfect place to start your South African Honeymoon.

  • Table Mountain

  • World Top 10 City

  • Cape Winelands

  • Cape Peninsula

  • Shark Cage Diving

  • Food & Wine Capital

Kruger Park Honeymoon

South Africa

There is no better place in Africa to view as wide a variety of wildlife as the Kruger Park in South Africa. 

The second most popular honeymoon destination is teeming with more than 140 large mammal species and over 500 bird species, more than anywhere in Africa. 

Here you will enjoy private guided safaris, romantic sundowners in the bush and sleep-outs under the African stars. 

  • Big Five Safaris

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • Birding Safaris

  • Four & Five Star Lodges

  • Private Game Reserves

  • Private Safari Guides

Victoria Falls Honeymoon

Zambia / Zimbabwe

The home of the world's largest waterfall and adventure lovers playground, the Victoria Falls is located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, a short flight from South Africa. 

Best known for the "Smoke That Thunders" (as the falls were once called by locals), the area is a hive of activity from bungee jumping to romantic river cruises on the mighty Zambezi. 

  • Largest Waterfall

  • White Water Rafting

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • Adrenaline Sports

  • Romantic Cruises

  • Aerial Tours

Mozambique Honeymoon

Benguerra Island


An Island Getaway is the perfect way to end any holiday, including your perfect Mozambique honeymoon safari. 

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean create a soft crescendo of crashing waves, as the warm sunny days and endless turquoise views take you dreamily into reflections of your honeymoon, and visions of your future... 

  • Warm Indian Ocean

  • Turquoise Waters

  • Sandy Beaches

  • Diving & Snorkeling

  • Relaxation Therapy

  • Marine Reserve


Indian Ocean

When you picture the perfect island setting with warm azure waters, white sandy beaches and little cocktails with colourful umbrellas in them, you could be picturing The Seychelles. 

This is the ultimate island honeymoon destination and the jewel of the Indian Ocean, located off the coast of East Africa, a Seychelles Honeymoon is the perfect way to end of your dream African adventure. 

  • Island Luxury

  • Warm Waters

  • White Sandy Beaches

  • Water Sports

  • Island Tours

  • Relaxation Therapy

Top 10 Honeymoon FAQ's

The most common Africa honeymoon questions we get asked are answered below. If you have any more questions or would like a tailor-made luxury African honeymoon of your dreams, contact us now and let us WOW you!

South Africa Honeymoon packages are the most popular with add-ons for Victoria Falls and luxury beach destinations like Seychelles, Mauritius and Mozambique recommended.

1. What is the best Africa honeymoon package?

The most popular African Honeymoon safari package is a combination of Cape Town for food, wine and scenery. The Kruger Park for amazing wildlife safaris and lastly The Seychelles for an exotic island getaway in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. 

2. How long should I go for?

Based on the popular combination of Cape Town, The Kruger Park and Seychelles, we recommend an 11-night honeymoon in Africa. This is 4 days in Cape Town with 2 of them in the French influenced winelands of Franschhoek. Then off to the Kruger Park for 3 nights in the wild on a Big Five safari, finishing off with 4 nights to relax and unwind on a pristine island in The Seychelles. 

3. How much does an African Honeymoon cost?

The costs vary depending on the accommodation type and time of travel. (low season to high season) To give you a broad-strokes idea, budget for $1,000 per person sharing daily for a luxury five star African honeymoon, all-inclusive. You can expect to pay between $500 to $750 per day for a luxury four star honeymoon in Africa - which is probably on par with five star accommodation in most western countries. You can learn more about African Honeymoon Costs here. 

4. What is the best month go on safari? 

Africa is a year-round destination with pros and cons for traveling in each season. Let's assume however you want to know the best time for a wildlife safari in the most popular reserve in Africa, namely The Kruger Park in South Africa. The answer then is late August to mid October when the bush is less dense and the wildlife more active thanks to the cooler daytime temperatures. 

5. What clothes should I wear on safari?

The African bush thankfully is not a fashion show so no need to over think your wardrobe. You're fine at any lodge if you stick to earth-tones. Guides and staff all wear an earth-tone combination of sorts and you'll feel right at home in the bush or at dinners, even at the most luxuriously lodges - we care far more about the wildlife than your sense of fashion ;-)

6. What Honeymoon Specials can I expect?

The good news is that honeymoon couples get the best deals in Africa. You can expect free night offers like book 3 and stay 4, bride pays 50% of accommodation deals and a host of welcome packages, free spa treatments, discounts on daily tours and a wide variety of upgrades from standard rooms to superior. 

7. What Honeymoon extras do you offer?

The hotels and lodges we work with go out of their way to make your honeymoon an extra special lifetime memory, as it should be. You can expect hands-on service and value adds like discreet bush dinners, nights out under the stars, private honeymoon only locations and romantic in-room dining, butler service and more depending on the lodge or hotel you choose to stay at. 

8. What can we do in Cape Town?

Firstly Cape Town is not just the world's top rated city to visit, and nor is it just another city. Cape Town is steeped in history and breathtaking locations, combining natural surroundings with unique experiences.


If you're into food and wine the vineyards and restaurants of Cape Town will have you feeling like you've escaped to the south of France. The city boasts several World Top 50 Rated establishments nestled at the foot of the Cape Fold mountains in quaint towns like Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.


If you're into the outdoors you must experience the views of the Southern Peninsula from the top of Table Mountain, enjoy ocean experiences like Seal Island or shark cage diving as well as kayaking, luxury charters and helicopter tours.


The ideal stay in Cape Town is 3-4 nights before heading on to The Kruger Park for the wildlife safari phase of your Africa honeymoon. 

9. Where can I see the most animals?

The Kruger Park in South Africa boasts the widest variety of animal and bird species in Africa. The Kruger is also the most popular wildlife safari destination for honeymooners. 

What makes the Kruger so special is more than just the animals, it's the complete honeymoon safari destination offering more accommodation than anywhere else. Don't get me wrong, I don't want you to think of the Kruger as overly commercial, in parts it is, but I want you to think more about the private reserves that exist on the borders of the park.
These private reserves are the ideal location for your dream Africa honeymoon safari. The luxury lodges provide the best blend of intimacy, wildlife, cuisine, and experience anywhere in Africa, perhaps excluding the Okavango Delta where a strong argument can be made for a luxury edge.
The Kruger does however offer easier access and is perfect for first-time travelers to Africa.

10. What is the best luxury safari honeymoon destination?

If you're fortunate enough to be on a five-star luxury honeymoon budget, then the ideal place to visit for your safari is the Okavango Delta in Botswana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This breathtaking destination is accessible by light aircraft with luxuriously appointed lodges sprinkled along the banks of the wildlife-rich Delta.
There is no more perfect intimate wildlife destination than the Okavango Delta, with a remoteness that allows you to connect with nature in a very soulful way.
We recommend a 4-5 night stay in the Delta and you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $3,000 per night depending on your choice of lodge. 

The rates are all-inclusive of meals, local drinks, and select spirits with 2 daily privately guided safaris, as well as mokoro (canoe) safaris on the banks of the delta and Helicopter safaris to reach remote locations. 

Honeymoon Activities

Big Five Honeymoon

Big Five Safaris

South & East Africa

The Big Five animals remain the number 1 attraction not only for Africa honeymoons, but for visitors in general. 

You can see these beautiful animals best at the Private Reserves of The Kruger National Park in South Africa, where the strong leopard population allows you to check all five off your list. 

  • Lion

  • Elephant

  • Leopard

  • Buffalo

  • Rhino

  • Two Daily Safaris

Wildlife Safari Ho

Wildlife Safaris

South & East Africa

After the Big Five the next most popular honeymoon activity is to see more of the incredible wildlife available only in Africa.


These include familiar favourites like giraffe, zebra, hyena, warthog and hundreds more. The Kruger Park offers over 140 large mammal species and over 500 bird species, a true wildlife lovers destination of choice. 

Alternatively you could opt for a Great Migration experience in the Serengeti where more than 2 million animals roam in search of grazing pastures and food. 

  • Private Guides

  • Private Reserves

  • Great Migration

  • Birding Experiences

  • Daily 4x4 Safaris

  • Morning & Late Afternoon

Mokoro Safari

Mokoro Safari

Okavango Delta

Unique to the Okavango Delta a traditional canoe or Mokoro safari allows you to navigate the banks of the Delta in search of wildlife in a more intimate fashion. 

The mokoro experience is popular with honeymooners thanks to its peaceful and somewhat romantic interaction with the areas wildlife, resulting in an "un-touched" experienced. 

  • Okavango Waterways

  • Traditional Safari

  • Private Guide

  • Personal & Up-close

  • Daily trips

Honeymoon Under Stars

Under The Stars

Kruger Park

Is there any honeymoon experience more pure than sleeping out under the stars in the African wild in a luxury treehouse perched high up over the surrounding wildlife-dense areas?

The Lion Sands tree houses are firm favourites amongst honeymooners, allowing you to experience the sounds of the bush in an authentic fashion, but from the safety of your perch.

  • In The Wild Experience

  • Luxury Tree Houses

  • Private Locations

  • Fully Serviced

  • Lion Sands Kruger

Elephant engagement

Elephant Engagement

Camp Jabulani

Engaging with the elephant at Camp Jabulani is an experience that will stay with you forever. Jabulani is the first elephant sanctuary and one of only 10 Five Star Premier Camps in Africa. 

For an extra special honeymoon safari we highly recommend at least 2 nights at Camp Jabulani. 

  • Elephant Sanctuary

  • Elephant Engagement

  • Private Reserve

  • Five Star Premier

  • World-class Cuisine

  • Greater Kruger Park

Shark Cage Diving Trip

Shark Cage Diving

Western Cape

Guaranteed to get the blood pumping of any honeymoon couple, Shark Cage Diving in the Western Cape of South Africa is a popular year-round experience in and around Cape Town. 

You can choose from the free cage experience pictured here, attached to a boat or for the real adventurers, a free dive. 

  • Cape Town

  • Gaansbaai

  • Day Tour

  • Ocean Adventure

  • Private Guide

Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris

South & East Africa

Often times on a 4x4 safari you miss the little details that make the African bush such a special place to be. 

Grab your partner and let an experienced guide show you the hidden gems of the African wild on a walking safari. Zambia is the home of walking safaris, but they're available at all lodges. 

  • Zambia

  • Kruger Park

  • Botswana

  • Zimbabwe

  • Tanzania

  • Kenya

Scuba Diving on Honeymoon

Scuba & Snorkeling

Indian Ocean

The perfect end to an African honeymoon often involves a n exotic beach location with a marine reserve and warm waters. 

The Indian Ocean is the perfect place for this with The Seychelles the most popular luxury island, followed by Mauritius and the easy-to-access Benguerra Island in Mozambique. 

  • Mozambique

  • Seychelles

  • Mauritius

  • Marine Reserves

  • Warm Waters

  • Tropical Settings

Best Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Cape Town

Cape Town is the food and wine capital of Africa with multiple World Top 50 Rated Restaurants to choose from. 

No romantic honeymoon would be complete without the cuisine, bubbles and breathtaking scenery to accompany it, and that is why we have Cape Town - amongst many other reasons of course. 

  • Test Kitchen

  • La Colombe

  • Pot Luck Club

  • Wine Estates

  • Private Guides

  • Romantic Dinners

Get Hoeymoon Quote

Get Africa Honeymoon Ideas

With more than 20 years experience planning and managing luxury African honeymoons, our destinations specialists deliver the most personal, well-planned and insightful packages on the market. 

Back by the buying power of our partner company, you also benefit from the best rates in Africa - unbeatable value. 

  • Tailored Packages

  • VIP Service

  • 24/7 Local Support

  • Fully Bonded

  • 20+ Years Experience

  • Best Rates Available

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