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Top 7 Destinations

When planning your African safari vacation the destinations below are the most important to consider. This is based on their location, the wildlife in the reserves, the overall experience and value for money. 

South & East Africa

Kruger Park Lion Safari

South Africa

Ideally located in the north of South Africa lies Africa's most popular safari destination. Boasting The Big Five, over 140 large mammal species and more than 500 bird species, no destination in Africa offers such a diverse variety of wildlife and The Kruger is a perfect destination for families, honeymooners, seniors, and groups. 

The Kruger Park is easily accessible by road or air and features the very best four and five-star accommodation in Africa. The Private Reserves of The Greater Kruger are the perfect destination to tick all The Big Five animals off your bucket list. 

  • Big Five Animals

  • Private Reserves

  • Most Large Mammals

  • 500+ Bird Species

  • Best Value Accommodation

  • #1 Africa Safaris

Cape Town Waterfront

South Africa

The World's #1 Rated City to Visit is located on the southern tip of Africa. Locally known as the mother city with the iconic Table Mountain forming the backdrop, Cape Town offers breathtaking coastlines, award-winning wine estates, the very best fauna & flora in Africa, Blue Flag Beaches and World Top 50 Rated Restaurants and accommodation. 

Cape Town is a family friendly destination.

  • Table Mountain

  • World Top 10 City

  • Cape Winelands

  • Cape Peninsula

  • Shark Cage Diving

  • Food & Wine Capital

Okavango Delta Mokoro


The Okvango Delta in Botswana is Africa's Premier Luxury Safari Destination with remote access and luxuriously appointed lodges sprinkled along the banks of the delta. 

This UNESCO World Heritage site is rich in animal and bird life, making it the perfect safari destination for seniors and those who want a more intimate experience with nature. 

  • #1 Luxury Safaris

  • Mokoro Safaris

  • Heritage Site

  • Remote Location

  • Intimate Experiences

  • Animal Interaction

Victria Falls Aerial

Zambia / Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls located on the mighty Zambezi River on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is one of The World's Natural Seven Wonders and home to the largest waterfall on the planet. 

Vic Falls is additionally an adventure lovers hotspot with white water rafting, bungee jumping in the gorge, tiger fishing, wildlife safaris, cultural experiences and more to keep you entertained. 

  • 7 Natural Wonders

  • World Heritage Site

  • Biggest Waterfall

  • Adventure Hot Zone

  • Mighty Zambezi River

  • Wildlife Safaris

Seychelles Pool View

Indian Ocean

When you're dreaming of an exotic beach destination in Africa you're more than likely picturing the warm azure waters and white sandy beaches of the tropical islands in the Seychelles, off the east coast of Africa. 

The Seychelles is the ideal destination to reward yourself with days in the sun and ocean after your African safari in the wild. 

  • #1 Island Destination

  • Warm Indian Ocean

  • Marine Reserves

  • Water Sports

  • Relaxation Therapy

  • Perfect Beach Destination

Great Migation Wildebeest Stampede

6. Serengeti


Most famously known as the home of The Great Wildebeest Migration, The Serengeti in Tanzania boasts the largest movement of animals on the African continent. 

Each year more than 2 million animals move through the Serengeti in search of grazing pastures and food. Witness nature's game of hunter and prey unfold in front of you on a roaming luxury tented safari. 

  • Wildebeest Migration

  • 2 Million+ Animals

  • Vast Open Plains

  • Big Five Destination

  • Private Guided Safaris

  • Luxury Tented Safaris

Ma Mara Giraffe

7. Masai Mara


The Masai Mara's open plains and iconic Mount Kilimanjaro set the stage for an authentic African safari destination. 

From Big Five Safaris to private wildlife encounters and The Great Migration, the Mara is an ideal location blending old world charm and modern sophistication to provide a unique African safari. 

  • Authentic Safaris

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Great Migration

  • Giraffe Destination

  • Cultural Experiences

  • Local Tribes

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