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VIP Safari Management

The last thing you want to do is fumble through planning an African safari in 2020 for your first time. A better idea is to work with a travel company that's done it for 20 years...then you don't miss the truly unique experiences only a local would know.

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Below you'll find a collection of the most popular African safari packages, destinations and information on the site including all-inclusive luxury safaris with videos. 


When you can afford the best luxury safari in Africa, this is what it looks like, a five star premium luxury safari over 19 nights and 6 destinations, featuring 7 of Africa's best hotels, lodges and your own private island. 

Opulence does not get better than this African vacation of a lifetime in South Africa, Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta and North Island in the warm waters of the Seychelles. 

Afrian Safari Testimonials

"Thanks again for arranging the trip of a lifetime for my wife and I.


The schedule you planned for us covering Cape Town and 2 different safari lodges across 9 full days was perfect.

Your itinerary gave us the opportunity to experience 3 very different areas of South Africa.


We felt as though we had 3 amazing separate vacations all in 1 trip."

The Dalli's - United States


Where to Go

Africa has a great many excellent travel destinations, the most popular are listed below. For more information on other destinations you may wish to visit, contact us today and a friendly travel consultant will answer your questions.  

South Africa

The jewel of Africa, fondly referred to as The Mother City, is a world top 10 rated city boasting attractions like Table Mountain, Cape Peninsula, Robben Island, Scenic Coastlines, Blue Flag Beaches, fine Wine Estates and Internationally acclaimed restaurants - in addition to a colourful local culture. 

  • Table Mountain

  • Award-Winning Wineries

  • Blue Flag Beaches

  • Table Mountain

  • Award-Winning Wineries

  • Blue Flag Beaches

Cape Town South Africa Travel

South Africa

The pride of Southern Africa's game reserves and home to more than 140 large mammal species including The Big Five and more than 500 bird species. The Kruger also boasts South Africa's best safari lodges including 5-Star Premium lodges. 

  • Big Five Safaris

  • 500+ Bird Species

  • 140+ Mammal Species

  • Private Reserves

  • Guided Safaris

  • Luxury Lodges

Kruger Park Safari

Zambia / Zimbabwe

The World's Largest Waterfall is more than one attraction, the area abounds with activity including white water rafting the mighty Zambezi River, bungee jumping, helicopter tours, wildlife safaris, zip lining, cultural visits and so much more. 

  • Biggest Waterfall

  • 7 Natural Wonders

  • Mighty Zambezi River

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • White Water Rafting

  • Adrenaline Sports

Victoria Fals Safari


Arguably the diamond of all the wildife reserves, the Okavango Delta is an area rich with animals and birdlife. Perhaps best known for the large elephant herds and waterway safaris, luxury lodges are found sprinkled along the waterways with front row seats to nature unfolding below. 

  • Large Elephant Herds

  • World Heritage Site

  • Wildlife-Rich Waterways

  • Mokoro Safaris

  • Luxury Lodges

  • Walking Safaris

Okavango Delta Safari



Boasting all the wildlife variety of the more well-known reserves, Luangwa is the hidden gem that delivers more value in our opinion than any reserve in Africa. 

  • Abundant Wildlife

  • Home of Walking Safaris

  • Woodland Savannah

  • Large Elephant Herds

  • Leopard Population

  • Luxury Lodges & Camps

Luangwa Safaris



If it's stark contrasting landscapes you desire or nights under the endless stars, Namibia is a location that meets a unique taste with its desert backdrop and peaceful tranquility.

  • Photographic Safaris

  • Desert Explorations

  • Sossusvlei

  • Etosha National Park

  • Skeleton Coast

  • Windhoek

Namibia Safaris


Indian Ocean

A perfect destination for honeymoon safaris or trips with the family, Mozambique in the Indian Ocean offers a private getaway in a marine nature reserve only a short flight from South Africa.

  • Warm Turquoise Waters

  • Southern Africa

  • Private Island Lodges

  • Big Game Fishing

  • Snorkeling & Diving

  • Luxury Villas

Mozambique Vacations

Indian Ocean

The Seychelles is the picture perfect Island getaway you see in your minds eye. Warm turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are the norm, with luxuriously appointed villas providing the perfect retreat for All-Inclusive Safaris and Luxury Safaris.

  • Jewel of Indian Ocean

  • 150+ Islands

  • Luxury Villas

  • Marine Reserve

  • Best-in-Class Service

  • Local Hospitality

Sechelles Vacations


Indian Ocean

The world's second largest island country is located off the coast of East Africa. The diverse ecosystems, wildlife and luxuriously appointed accommodation combine with world-class hospitality to create an in-demand island destination. 

  • Ile Sainte Marie

  • Isalo National Park

  • Nosy Be

  • Ifaty

  • Masaola

  • Top 10 Properties

Madagascar Holidays



When more than 2 million animals move in a circular pattern throughout the year in search of grazing, you can bet it is one of Africa's premier attractions. This spectacle to behold is best viewed on a luxury mobile tented safari.

  • Great Animal Migration

  • Vast Stretching Plains

  • 2 Million+ Animals

  • Mobile Luxury Safaris

  • Tented Camps

  • Four & Five Star

Serengeti Great Migration Safari

Masai Mara


Wide open viewing plains, Masai tribes and an abundance of animals set in authentic African safari charm, make the Masai Mara in Kenya an attractions straight out a movie. 

  • Wildebeest Migration

  • Big Five Safaris

  • Walking Safaris

  • Mara River

  • Birdwatching

  • Luxury Accommodation

Masai Mara Safari


South Africa

What started out as a holiday home conversion to share with others, is now Royal Malewane, the spark that created the most beautiful properties in South Africa. 

  • The Silo Hotel

  • Birkenhead House

  • La Residence

  • Royal Malewane

The Royal Portfolio Group

Southern Africa

A family owned business founded in the early 1930's and grown with a passion of African experiences. The More Group's luxury hotels and lodges are rated Top 10 in Africa.

  • River Lodge

  • Narina Lodge

  • Tinga Lodge

  • Ivory Lodge

  • Hi'Nkweni Villa

  • Fish Eagle Villa

More Safaris

South & East Africa

Operating under the philosophy of "Luxury, naturally", Sanctuary boasts a portfolio of stunning safari lodges with a boutique experience and unique, individual design. 

  • Botswana

  • Kenya

  • South Africa

  • Tanzania

  • Uganda

  • Zambia

Sanctuary Retreats


Driven by a passion to protect wilderness areas and wildlife, Wilderness Safaris operates 40 camps in Africa, including award-winning properties in Conde Nast Traveler's Hot List. 

  • Botswana

  • Kenya

  • Namibia

  • Rwanda

  • Zambia

  • Zimbabwe

Wilderness Safari Group

South Africa is the number one honeymoon destination in Africa thanks to the variety of experiences available in one country. 

Cape Town in the south provides the best of pristine coastlines, blue flag beaches, award-winning wine estates and The Kruger Park in the north is home to more animal and bird species than anywhere in Africa. See the best South Africa Safari Lodges. 

South Africa Honeymoons

Africa is a leading honeymoon destination and like no place on earth. Deciding on an African Honeymoon package however is a task not for the feint hearted. 

Check out the five most popular African Honeymoon packages with our new guide to great value, top locations and super savings with honeymoon safari exclusives. 

Honeymoon Safari Packages

African Safari FAQ's

The most common Africa safari questions we get asked are answered below. If you have any other questions or would like help planning the perfect African safari, contact us today and speak to an experienced travel consultant to get the best value. 

1. How much does an African safari cost?

If you want a luxury five star safari with an all-inclusive package option, you should budget for around $1,000 per person per day. If you're looking for a luxury four star safari on a bed and breakfast basis, you should budget between $400 - $600 per person sharing daily. The time of year you travel also is a consideration, it's best to speak to a travel consultant for a fixed price. There may also be specials on offer you can take advantage of. 

2. Which African safari is best?

The two most popular destinations are Cape Town and The Kruger Park, both in South Africa. Typically these are followed by an add-on of either Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe / Zambia border, a beach holiday on Benguerra Island in Mozambique, or an exotic island getaway to the Seychelles in the warm Indian ocean. 

3. What is the best month to go on safari?

The most popular wildlife safari reserve in Africa is the Kruger Park, so let's start there. The best months to visit the Kruger are from August to early October. This is the back-end of winter resulting in cooler day-time temperatures and more active animals. The Kruger is coming out of the dry season and the vegetation is considerably less dense, ideal for game viewing and bush excursions. 

4. How long should an African safari be? 

The average length of a safari is 10 nights, that's the most frequently booked package length. You want to consider the number of destinations you wish to visit but a typical safari package looks like 3-4 nights in Cape Town, 3 nights in the Kruger and then 3-4 nights on a beach destination in South or East Africa. 

5. What is there to do in Africa besides safari?

Destinations like Cape Town in South Africa and Victoria Falls are adventure hotspots boasting a wide variety of activities. Cape Town offers shark cage diving, world-renowned restaurants and wine estates, as well as cultural tours, hiking, surfing, boating and more. Victoria Falls offers white water rafting, bungee jumping, tiger fishing, river cruises, helicopter tours and visits to local villages.  

6. What are the best locations for a Africa Honeymoon Safari?

South Africa is the leading destination for Africa honeymoons and provides a great variety of options, it's like 4 countries in one package.

The typical South Africa Honeymoon Safari starts with 3 nights in the mother city of Cape Town, rated Top 10 most beautiful in the world. Here you'll enjoy blue flag beaches, world-class wine estates, breathtaking coastlines and the finest cuisine in all of Africa. 

You then move onto the Kruger Park for a wildlife safari, where more often than not you'll see The Big Five animals, interact with elephants, go on 2-a-day private game drives and experience a connection with the wild unmatched anywhere on earth. The average stay in the Kruger varies from 3 - 6 nights and often includes multiple lodges. 

Lastly a popular add-on option is to either visit Victoria Falls for an adventure safari, or escape to an exotic island location in the Indian Ocean like Seychelles, Mauritius or Mozambique. 

The typical Africa honeymoon safari package is 7-10 nights and we highly recommend the all-inclusive packages, no need to worry about extras when romance is on your mind. 

7. What are the best locations for a seniors safari?

The two most popular destinations for a seniors safari are The Kruger Park in South Africa and The Okavango Delta in Botswana. 

The Kruger has the largest variety of wildlife and bird species anywhere in Africa, whilst the Okavango Delta is a remote luxury destination, blessed with waterways teeming with wildlife and a good variety of bird species too. 

The Okavango Delta is probably the best location if you're looking for an intimate experience away from the crowds, with unique safaris and wildlife engagement on the banks of the Delta. 

8. How can I make my African safari more affordable?

Apart from traveling during low season and booking lower end accommodation - which we do not recommend - there are a few pro tips to make your 2020 Africa safari more affordable. 


These include booking accommodation through lodge groups. The way this works is you book multiple locations using the same lodge operator. 


For example, you may book 3 nights at The Silo in Cape Town, 2 nights at La Residence in Franschhoek and 4 nights at Royal Malewane in The Kruger Park. These properties are all owned by the same operator and you will get a discount for booking multiple bed nights. 


This is one of the best ways to lower your travel costs whilst maintaining a high level of accommodation. This examples uses what's widely considered as the best group of luxury safari properties in Southern Africa, but there are many other four and five star options available. 


If you're traveling on a Honeymoon safari, you'll also get discounts that don't apply to regular traveler's like free upgrades, bonus bed nights, free add-ons and bride pays 50% accommodation offers - all packing in the value for your African Safari adventure

9. What are the best African safaris for families?

The best African safaris for families comprise the top three destinations of Cape Town, The Kruger Park and Victoria Falls. 

These destinations provide a wide variety of activities for young and old.

It's our experience that entertained children lead to happy parents and these destinations offer an abundance of activities to keep small children, teenagers and adults entertained on your African vacation. 

In addition privately guided tours and unique animal experiences are easy to arrange as these destinations have superb infrastructure and years of experience catering to travelers of all ages. 

For more information about family safaris contact us today and we'd love to help you plan perfect African safari package for your family. 

We understand how important it is to research the best African safari packages for 2020 before booking your vacation. This is the very reason we offer our world-class destination specialists to help you in your quest. 

When you have a clear idea of where you want to go, get in touch and let us wow you with our service, experience and best rates guaranteed at more than 500 luxury African safari properties. If you're going on an Africa Honeymoon, check out our Honeymoon Costs Guide for detailed info and best destinations. 

We also offer African safaris for seniors with personalised experienced like wildlife engagement, easy-access destinations and a wide variety of privately guided tours away from the tourist traps you may find yourself in with an inexperienced operator. 

If you want the best African safari for families we represent Africa's leading destinations with packages designed to entertain young and old. 

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